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Just One Keyword: Results.®

A decade or so ago, ClikTru added a criminal defense attorney to our clientele. The lawyer was thoroughly impressed by his results and spread the word among colleagues nationwide.

Within a year, we jumped from servicing one attorney to the beginning of a growth spurt that continues to dominate our front-burner focus.

We generate consistently positive results for criminal defense, personal injury and small full-service law firms year after year; our client retention rate is exceptional. What’s more, we are passionate about service; we provide ASAP responsiveness by email and phone at no extra charge.

Please be advised: We only take on law firms we’re certain we can help win on the Web. Your free Local Internet Marketing Analysis –- requiring considerable research on our dime — will serve both our purposes.

Let’s quickly find out whether we can grow your practice to your satisfaction.

Ready when you are…


Our Staff

Don Kaufman

CEO, Chief Search Engineer
Don has focused on Internet marketing for service firms since 1999. He brings a passion for results to every client’s Internet marketing requirements and is equally committed to providing extremely responsive one-on-one service.

His efforts have been rewarded with a Web Marketing Association Web Award and a Clio. Prior to the advent of Internet marketing, Don specialized in integrated marketing communications for which he was awarded a One Show – Merit Award, multiple Desi awards, a B/PAA BestTeller ACE Award, the Andy Award of Distinction, and others.

Don is a member of the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO) and has been certified as a Google AdWords Professional.

Stacey Darabos

Director of Operations
Stacey manages the everyday aspects of what it takes to maximize ClikTru clients’ results. She watches Google Search Console and Analytics like a hawk. If a link breaks or a page has less traction than expected, she finds out why and takes corrective measures with a ClikTru developer, designer, writer or even the boss.

She also makes it her business to study SEO forums for strategies in the face of Google’s constantly changing ranking algorithm. Stacey is a critical component of the ClikTru operation and a good reason why so many criminal attorneys achieve the results they seek year in, year out.

Justine Flaherty

Writer | SEO Content Specialist
Justine has enjoyed roles as a content marketer, SEO consultant, and copywriter. She focuses on content creation and digital strategies for the legal profession. Justine is certified in inbound online marketing and in social media marketing.

For over a decade, Justine has been helping lawyers communicate their solutions to prospects by bringing together her skills in communication arts, collaboration and online marketing.

Justine has helped countless lawyers bring their websites to life. Her work has been published in the New York Law Journal and the Toronto Star and she has collaborated with a growing list of clients that includes criminal defense attorneys, appellate lawyers, and plaintiff’s attorneys.

Margaret Ryon

Chief Web Designer

Margaret has designed for the Internet since the mid-1990s. She worked for KathodeRay Media Marketing Company and for five years she was VP/ Creative Director for Harte Hanks, Inc. Interactive Division. Prior to that, she was a core member of Spectral Resources (acquired by Harte-Hanks).

Margaret has handled all aspects of website and brand development, online marketing and CD productions. Her portfolio includes many ClikTru client websites, preceded by sites for major financial services, high-tech and pharmaceutical firms.

Margaret has an MA in communications from New York Institute of Technology and a BFA from the Pratt Institute.

Paul Solomon

Web Developer

Paul puts a premium on developing websites that present our clients in a compelling and flattering light, are very friendly to potential clients, and thoroughly satisfy search engine robots. He is mindful of all three in every line of code he writes.

Paul has more than a decade of experience crafting smart and effective websites. He’s a strong supporter of open-source WordPress and plays it like a fine instrument. At ClikTru, Paul works closely with the rest of our staff to make sure all facets of your website are geared towards maximizing your results.