Social media marketing encompasses social advertising, social network engagement and message amplification.

Social builds brand trust and amplifies your message

Many lawyers understand the message amplification benefits of social media networks. But, did you know that social platforms play a large role in your branding?

Consumers searching for legal services need solutions to their very serious problems, and that means they need to believe in your abilities and trust in you to deliver. Your profiles on social can reach a consumer or their loved one at an opportune time. Your presence and posts need to articulate your brand’s message and communicate that trust.

The role social media now plays is big in advertising as well. This is especially clear with Facebook Ads. According to a recent study by Business Insider, users are spending almost an hour per day scrolling through Facebook updates.

Law firms and practitioners need to consider how they can factor social media into their marketing mix.

Speaking of trust, social media is central to establishing “social proof.” This self-explanatory term has been proven to affect consumer choice in study after study. Attorneys can gain social proof by posting consistently onto their social channels, which hopefully results in increasing followers and other “proof signals” such as likes, comments and reviews.

Between court and practice management, attorneys have a lot on their plates. ClikTru will handle your social marketing so you get the results you need.

Checklist for Social Media Marketing

We outline the main facets of social’s secret sauce for each major platform. Our social media team works efficiently with the best-in-class tools to exceed your expectations. Our strategy can include earning media via positive reviews.

Facebook marketing for law firmsFacebook

  • Create or audit existing account.
  • Profile with exact-match NAP.
  • Embed video/s.
  • Amplification: Followers, comments & Likes.
  • Leverage Insights for Ads.
  • Schedule updates.

Twitter marketing for lawyersTwitter

  • Create or audit existing account.
  • Profile with exact-match NAP.
  • Pinned tweet (branding & cross-promotion).
  • Amplification: Hashtag research: Seed followers + Influencers.
  • Schedule tweets.

Linkedin marketing for attorneysLinkedIn

  • Create or audit existing account for Attorney & Firm.
  • Profile is keywords focused.
  • Share B2B content for legal CLEs/Events.
  • Generate referrals and leads.
  • PR value: public thanks, acknowledgements & announcements.

google plus social media marketingGoogle+

  • Create or audit existing account.
  • Gmail Setup.
  • Profile with exact-match NAP.
  • Add groups & followers.
  • Create collections.
  • Amplify Posts.

video marketing for law firmsYouTube

  • Audit account for lost views to re-capture.
  • Full branding assessment.
  • Transcribe video/s.
  • Amplification: Annotations for series and/or website.
  • Optimize description area.
  • Audit for shareable embeds.

social media marketing with contentBlawg

Technically, your site’s blog is owned media, but inviting and engaging a community is social.

ClikTru gets your blog primed with SEO posts that are informative, useful and authoritative.

In a word, our content gets results!

Legal Video Optimization

YouTube is now the world’s second largest search engine, coming in just below Google itself,  who owns YouTube.

You’ve spent money and time to have professional, high-quality videos produced for your online marketing and branding efforts. Maybe you invested significant time to produce your own video, which also has real costs.

So we know video marketing isn’t free… but are your videos leaving money on the table?

Numerous video production companies give attorneys a great product, but many really don’t understand the inner workings of YouTube, Google, and how these two behemoths work together.

For example, if you have a few videos on your YouTube channel, you want to ensure that when a prospect leaves your site to watch one of your videos on YouTube, they get a chance to watch your other video/s as well.

If you can only produce one video for YouTube, it hands down has to be a “How-To.” The overwhelming majority of searches on YT are in this category. We also have strategies to get Google to index your How-To video onto their main SERPs. Get in touch with us today to set up an audit of your video accounts.