Your blog is an essential component of your local SEO program. Each post should convey clear and concise answers to your prospects’ questions about their legal problems.

By providing consistently accurate information and answers on your law blog –or “blawg,” you greatly increase the number of times your law firm will be put in front of prospective clients by Google and Bing as having the best answer to their questions. And, every time your linked blog answer surfaces to the top, prospects perceive your solution as worthy of a click-through!

Now, we have found that while most attorneys have the expertise and writing skills, they don’t have the time or inclination to write blog posts. If true for you, a ClikTru ghost blogger can work with you to populate your blog with engaging, accurate and informative content. Each succeeding post will sound more and more like you and be optimized for search.

Your ClikTru Ghost Blogger will:

Research your practice areas and service markets for relevant, current issues and questions being searched for by prospects. This includes deep research on the legal web and on government sites to find the most accurate, current answers and information

Submit a list of blog post topics for your consideration

Find the most common keywords and phrasing used by your prospective clients on the web

Expertly work those topics & keywords into blog post titles and copy that effectively communicates your firm’s solutions

Write in your tone of an authoritative yet engaging subject matter expert

Craft your blog posts with search-engine-optimized elements, such as:

Hyperlinks to other internal pages on your website

High-definition images that are tagged with keywords and other meta data

Compelling keyword headines (ex: How To Get Your MA Drivers License Reinstated)

Persuasive summaries of your blog articles for search engines to display in their results

Proof all articles with an eagle’s eye for mistakes so you get error-free copy ready for review

Submit each blog article to you for review and final approval before publishing to your blog

Socially share and link to your posts on your social networks for maximum reach + social trust*

* (See our separate Social Media service)

Your time is too limited to feed a fully optimized blog. We’ll handle the art and science of producing high-quality, effective posts on your behalf on a schedule that fits your budget.

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