How to Convert More Visitors into Clients

Envision the Internet as an art gallery with a virtual wall of websites owned by you and your competitors.

A guy recently arrested for a DUI visits the gallery in fervent need of a criminal defense attorney. He quickly eyeballs one site, the next one and the next. His decision to see or flee happens in mere seconds.

Suddenly he stops at yours! Why? Because it somehow captivated his interest — and you’ve just landed a fresh new lead.

Why did he pass by other sites and focus on yours?

It could be the headline that compelled him to explore hiring you. Perhaps your site’s colors made him feel positive about your firm. Was it your photo that engendered  trust? Or maybe it was that picture of a cop placing cuffs on some poor guy with whom he could relate.

How do we find out what singled you out, then leverage our findings to impel more prospects to contact you?


By running virtual heat maps like this one, we can assess how many people click on this or that place on a webpage. Yellow dots mean lots of prospects are clicking there. Blue dots reflect fewer clicks.

The Process of Illumination

It’s our job to (a) build a terrific website that produces a strong flow of leads, (b) analyze traffic patterns, then (c) test small website changes and analyze their impact to improve results.

That’s what Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is all about: To motivate an ever-growing number of prospective clients to contact you.

But since art by its nature is a subjective phenomenon, individuals are bound to have varied impressions of what they see and feel. People’s taste varies as much as people themselves!

Thus, we sometimes need to refine a perfectly good website to motivate more prospective clients to seek you out.

That’s how to keep a healthy flow of qualified leads coming your way.

What clicks with your prospective clients?

We continuously assess Google Analytics data to learn what pages are a hit, and which ones miss out on delivering new leads. We see how many people land on a given webpage…how long they remain on it…what other pages they visit…where they finish exploring and contact you — or move on to a competitive website.

When we see where roadblocks exist – where people are leaving the site before contacting you – we deploy a cool tool to assess how many hot prospects are interacting with points on your page.

Fortunately, there’s a unibody connection between brain, eyeballs and right index finger poised on a mouse button, ready to click on anything that screams click here!

We keep our clientele year after year by discovering what clicks with potential clients. Find out how we can do the same for you.

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