Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategies your law firm can utilize to bring in new clients. With Google controlling about 2/3 of all search traffic, and top-loading up to 4 ads on results pages, it’s gotten to where you have no choice but to advertise with them.

Lots of lawyers – possibly even you – have burned through bucks faster than you ever imagined possible. We’ve heard many sad stories of poorly managed AdWords campaigns gone awry in the blink of an eye.

We’ll never let that happen to you. We will exert tight cost controls in how we develop and manage your PPC account, ensuring that the results you achieve align sensibly with the investment you make.

In short, you can trust ClikTru to help you leverage the massive potential of search advertising to your full advantage.

Your PPC campaign will be managed by a Google AdWords certified professional, and/or a Bing Ads accredited professional, or a Facebook advertising specialist.

Our advertising strategies via Google, Bing and Facebook feature expertly crafted ads that generate a steady stream of qualified leads. Every ad click brings prospects directly to your site’s perfectly crafted landing page, so you optimize the return on your investment.

ppc advertising for law firms

Our industry-perfected process in online advertising stretches every ad dollar so you can continue to:

✔ Dominate in your local markets

✔ Attract only qualified prospects and

✔ Outrank the competition

Local Internet Advertising & Landing Page System

ClikTru maximizes results by deploying our own targeted, end-to-end process — featuring clear, detailed reports and exceptional client support.

Here’s an overview of our key phases* in maximizing results on your behalf…

Phase I Keyword and Competitive Research

Your ClikTru Internet Advertising Professional will:

  1. Analyze your website’s keywords vs. actual, current Internet user search habits
  2. Conduct behind-the-scenes market intelligence to uncover your competitors’ strategies
  3. Assemble your ideal keyword phrases within our advertising account
  4. Devise the most effective ways to give you a distinct competitive advantage

Phase II Campaign Development

Your Internet Advertising Professional will:

  1. Build your campaign using an extensive skillset gained via Google certification. Your campaign may also run on Bing/Yahoo Search and Facebook for Business.
  2. Create high-impact website landing pages for those clicking on your ads (optional service)
  3. Establish your initial bidding strategy based on marketing goals and budget
  4. Apply A/B split testing to uncover your best-performing ads

Phase III Campaign Management

Your Online Advertising Expert will:

  1. Increase online traffic continuously via daily focus on campaign results
  2. Refine keyword choices and ads as required
  3. Adjust bidding strategies as necessary to achieve desired ranking
  4. Track local competition to win business away from your competitors
  5. Hone your campaign/s as needed to maximize ROI

Phase IV Campaign Maintenance

Your Attorney Advertising Professional will:

  1. Continuously test and revise ads and keywords to maximize your investment return
  2. Adjust bidding strategy to control costs
  3. Perform continuous local trends analysis and competition surveillance
  4. Stay in touch with you by phone and email; provide in-depth campaign reports

Just One Keyword: Results®

ClikTru will increase online traffic to your website by a significant percentage, which we commit to before you hire us. Our confidence is based on hard work and over a decade of experience in online advertising for attorneys. With us, the proof is always in the results:

great pay per click results year to year

The above summary report for one of our criminal defense attorney clients demonstrates year-over-year improvement for November. We quadrupled his interaction rate (average click-through rate), tripled his conversions while simultaneously bringing down the cost-per-conversion by over 72%.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with us now to set up a free consultation by form or by phone: 877 870-0416.

*We keep much of our PPC and local search advertising tactics close to the vest. But we’d love to talk shop and look under the technical hood with you. Simply set up a consultation with us at your earliest convenience.

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