Bing SEO informationBing is so much more than a catchphrase used by Punxsutawney’s favorite insurance salesman. It also happens to be the number two search engine behind Google, with 22 percent of the market share for desktop searches.

Law firms that want to improve visibility online can gain traction quickly by focusing on the oft-neglected second fiddle to the Googelopoly. Certain signs point to Bing’s market share only growing as time goes on. Here’s why:

Why Bing SEO Matters

If you have bought a computer in the last seven years that runs Windows, chances are good that you find yourself using Bing fairly regularly. Why? Microsoft forces you to.

Windows 10 inextricably links web searches to normal queries for many functions. So, if you happen to be searching for “internet cookies” in your hard disk files, you may also end up seeing “great cookie recipes!” popping up alongside. While this integration may vex some, it just happens to be a symptom of the increasing intertwining of online and offline life.

It also just so happens that many devices and sites use Bing search by default. Want to make a search on an Xbox One or Surface? Bing! Got a Windows phone? Bing! Connect via Skype? Bing! Use Firefox or Microsoft’s new Edge browser? Bing!

Moreover, if all that Bing binge hasn’t tired you out yet, realize the role Microsoft’s Cortana could play in Bing-ing you. This voice-based AI interacts with you and performs search functions similar to Apple’s Siri. And guess what comes along when you want to know the height of the Eiffel tower or Georgia’s laws on owning a pet hedgehog? That’s right! Bing!

Bing claims that 25 percent of its searches come from Cortana and similar voice-based searches. As other devices and applications gain search functionality, the search engine could become even more ubiquitous.

Pretty soon, Microsoft could be Bing-ing us from all sides. Companies that take notice now will be at an early advantage.

Jumping on the Bing Barge with These SEO Tips

Now that Bing is an inevitability, your firm will need to come to grips with the necessity of Bing SEO. Here are a few ways it can get started:

  • Tell Bing to index your site — Bing still has trouble automating indexing, so make sure you submit at least your homepage
  • Test your site index — After a few days, your site should be listed. If it is not, or if you are having other trouble, you can Fetch as Bingbot to diagnose the issue
  • Pay attention to title tags — Bing emphasizes them more than Google, so make sure they include a keyword and practice area
  • Go for exact keyword matches — At least for now, Bing worries less about synonyms as opposed to an actual perfect match
  • Follow typical SEO best practices — Lots of things that work on Google work on Bing, so at the very least publish content frequently, think locally, and make sure your pages load fast.

All these suggestions can improve your Bing pedigree, but getting professional Bing SEO services for law firms can ensure that you capture leads as many as possible. Get your free internet marketing assessment today!