You see it in court every day – and it’s got to drive you crazy…

Some of your competitors get lots more cases that you. And that’s true even though you know you have a better reputation and better skill.

So … why them and not you? Here’s why:

Prospective clients simply don’t see your website listing when they Google your practice area.

Truth is, you’re at a decided disadvantage if your site isn’t among the top 5 listings on page one of Google, which gets about 2/3 of all clicks.

And by the way, if you’re not on page one, you may as well close up shop. Listings on pages two and three get only 5.6 percent of all clicks.

Ads subtract from your visibility

Chances are, your competitors are now investing in Google AdWords. This Pacmanic search engine monolith now top-loads more and more ads atop page one of its results pages. As such, organic listings are being pushed further and further down the page.

According to a Search Engine Land research report, “…the presence of ads on a search results page caused the organic CTR

[click-thru rate] of the first position to drop by 30%.”

In short, you have to claw your way to the top to get any attention. Hoping someone will choose your services over a competitor’s means they have to find you above them, and that won’t happen without playing a little game of leapfrog.

Getting to the Top with SEO Services for Law Firms

Other than paying for ads, the best way to succeed is with an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

By positioning yourself and your firm as a leading local authority in your practice areas, you’ve got a good shot at climbing toward the top. For example, through the strategic placement of high-value keywords, you can incline Google’s ear to place your listing above the fold for a particular query, such as “Topeka defense attorneys.”

What’s more, creating informative blog content peppered with strategic keyword use is an integral part of this strategy.

These are just the tip of the SEO iceberg. Best advice: rely on expert SEO services for law firms such as those offered by ClikTru. We will provide a free analysis of your current SEO effectiveness, then propose ways to get you where you want to grow.

Get on board before your competitors throw your practice overboard.