Law firms spend a lot of money talking to people who will never be their clients. Whether they turn smugly to the camera in between daytime soaps to talk about how “THEY ARE NUMBER ONE!” or plaster billboards along people’s commute in hopes that someone will be near it after a wreck, these forms of ads are like flinging a bowl of spaghetti at a crowd and hoping some of them catch a few noodles.

Facebook ads, by comparison, are like serving up the same pasta dish piping hot to someone who was hungry for Italian. Using a minimal budget, you can put your ads in front of the right people and increase your likelihood of getting clicks and consultations. Here are just some of the reasons and benefits Facebook advertising for law firms can offer:

Nab Repeat Clients

Imagine being able to put a framed poster advertising your firm right in the bathroom of a former client. While they likely would ask questions as to why a plumber is carrying a poster tube and arriving without an appointment, you can simulate this experience by serving up ads just for people who have used your services in the past. With Facebook, they can browse their phone while sitting on the john and see your friendly face while they’re at it.

You can enter in phone numbers to Facebook’s custom audience fields to find profile matches of former clients. Serving ads to these former clients increases the chances of repeat business and allows you to cross-sell services they may not have considered. Maybe a former client asked you to help draft their business charter and now they are looking for advice on copyright law, for example.

The bottom line is that people who entrusted your services before are more likely to do it again, making a targeted Facebook ad a much more sound investment than billboards.

Find Client Lookalikes

Do you have a common set of clientele? Some law offices tend to attract certain demographics to their brand, such as a DUI defense firm located in a college town that happens to attract lots of students.

You can enter in these qualities into Facebook’s custom audience field, selecting just people within a certain age or who attend school nearby. Gain a reputation as the go-to firm for rich frat bros by letting them know about your services as they read cat memes from their aunt.

Custom Calls to Action and Landing Pages

When someone clicks on an online ad, sending them to the homepage is like handing them a menu after they already ordered. Instead, offer something relevant to their interests by linking to custom landing pages through your Facebook ads.

You can tell some people about your divorce mediation services and others about your prenuptial agreement drafting, sending each to the respective landing page that touts those services in greater detail. By streamlining their process to submit contact information or make an appointment, you stand less of a chance of losing them before they get to the crucial final step.

Take Advantage of Facebook Advertising for Law Firms

You can learn more about the power of Facebook advertising and how a professional digital marketing team like ClikTru can help boost your business by visiting our social media marketing for law firms page.