It’s all about your Local Business Listing

Location, location, location… You know it’s important, but do you know how it impacts your business online?

Your local business listing (LBL) in Google and elsewhere is the sine qua non of local Internet marketing. If you’re not optimizing your business name, address and phone number, you will not be found by all the prospects your trying to attract.

What’s so important about your LBL?

To explain…

In search engine optimization, we develop your website content based on selected keywords describing your product or service.

In local Internet marketing, we develop your content based on your LBL. Period. (Sort of. We still optimize your text with keyword-rich phrases, But it’s your LBL that will get you found in your marketplace.)

Your Starting Point …

First step: Verify your LBL info with the 3 primary data input sources the search engines rely on. (Contact us for the how-to stuff.) Then verify that each search engine’s info about your business is identical to what the data sources have. Ditto with the various Internet directories.

Now you’re off and running!